Our helter skelter is a landmark at any event. The helter skelter is 50 feet tall, with a wonderful view from the top. Available to hire for a wide range of events as well as traditional funfairs, it's guaranteed to entertain guests.

Built around 1946, our lighthouse helter skelter spent many years as a popular attraction at Hunstanton amusement park until 2000. Purchased by us in 2004 this rare attraction was extensively renovated and is now available for hire.

The helter skelter takes up 28 feet wide by 33feet deep (8.5m x 10m). Lorry access is preferable (please let us know if your think this is a problem - this attraction can be carried into restricted areas - extra charges may apply for the extra labour).

Phone us on 07850 351326 or email us here to discuss hiring our helter skelter.

Made in 1893 and restored by our team of craftsmen, our steam-powered carousel is one of the last working examples in the UK. The carousel has 34 horses and two cockerels and is suitable for all ages. Gallop to the historic sounds of the Gavioli organ music as our Victorian steam engine propels you into the pleasures of a bygone age.

Please note, the carousel takes up a 42 feet (13m) diameter, therefore, access for large lorries is essential.

Phone us on 07850 351326 or email us today to discuss hiring our carousel.

Dodgems are perfect for corporate events, weddings, may balls, film and television productions, private parties and special occasions. Our newly refurbished vintage dodgems are full of colour and character, they date from 1933 and come complete with a fleet of classic 1970s bumper cars, fully staffed for your event. Dodgems are great for all ages from age 5 upwards and music can be tailored to your needs. Motown, Rock'n'Roll, Disco or Dance - you name it, we can play whatever you require, enhancing the atmosphere of your event. Lorry access is preferred, but we can carry the dodgems into places with limited access (extra charges will apply). Minimum space required 50 feet by 65 feet (15m x 20m).

Fun for all the family, our dodgems are now available for hire anywhere in the UK. Phone us on 07850 351 326 or email us to discuss your dodgem hire requirements.

Our traditional swing boats are available for hire for parties, weddings, corporate events and many other occasions.

Dating from 1920, our set of 6 traditionally decorated swing boats are suitable for all ages and for a wide range of occasions. The swing boats require a grass area of 42feet wide by 15feet deep (13m by 4.5m).

See also our smaller set of swing boats in the Children's Rides section, we have classic rides for people of all ages!

Please call us on 07850 351326 or email us here to discuss hiring our swing boats.

Here at The Traditional Steam Fair, we have many children's fairground attractions for hire. Take the Toy Town Ride, for example, this is a child-sized carousel dating back to 1910 with a fantastic selection of restored cars, steam roller, horses and other period toys. It is approx 16 feet (5m) in diameter.

We also have children's swing boats for hire, this is a smaller set of 6 traditional swing boats ideal for children up to approximately 10 years old (two children per swingboat). Great for children's parties and celebrations, they require a space of only 25 feet by 12 feet (7.5m x 3.5m).

Please phone us on 07850 351326 or email us to discuss hiring our traditional children's fairground rides.

We have a wide range of traditional funfair sideshows and stalls for hire including: 

  • Coconut shy  14 x 14 (4.25 m x 4.25 m).
  • Shooting gallery  24 wide x 10 deep (7.5m x 3m)
  • Hook a duck  16 diameter (5m)
  • Striker (hit the bell!) 10 wide by 12 deep (3m x 3.6m) with two heights available: 24 feet and 14 feet

All of these exciting games can be supplied with or without prizes, to suit your requirements and budget. 

Please contact us for more information by calling 07850 351 326 or email us today for further details. 

Hire our candy floss and popcorn cart or trailer for the traditional flavour of the fairground. The unique aroma of candyfloss will enhance your event, our traditional candy floss and popcorn carts are always popular attractions when hired for any event. 

Also known as barrows and stands, candy floss cart hire is a popular choice for a wide variety of events and the perfect accompaniment to traditional  fairground equipment.

With friendly, expert, uniformed staff the candy floss can be supplied on a stick or in a bag, made right in front of your eyes. We can also hire our larger trailer for big events which require a higher capacity unit to supply candy floss and popcorn, and provide a wide variety of traditional sweets and drinks if required

Phone us on 07850 351326 or email us today to book candy floss carts for your special occasion. 

Whatever your requirement, whether you want to hire a helter skelter and swing boats, or need children's rides with candy floss carts, we can help.  

All of our exciting rides and fun side stalls help to bring the magic of a traditional funfair to your unique occasion. Our attractions have appeared in numerous television and film productions, and they are sure to make a huge impression at your special event.    

To make enquiries, or to receive a no-obligation quote for any of the fairground equipment we have for hire, contact us today